Tamarindo Live

Having a trio like the one founded by saxophonist Tony Malaby with the likes of William Parker and Nasheet Waits was enough motive to rejoy, and truth is the CD released by Clean Feed with "Tamarindo" as title caused a big wave of wonder. Now, Tamarindo comes back with a live recording where this group responsible for the most captivating creative jazz played nowadays is transformed into a quartet, by the addition of the trumpeter extraordinaire Wadada Leo Smith as special guest. Only to know it would make anyone eager to listen to what can result from such an association of incredible talents – well, if you have high expectations, here are the very good news: the music inside is even better than everything you can imagine. This is powerhouse free bop performed with the most magical collective chemistry. Finally, we can say jazz is very far from being dead or from smelling funny. It's really alive and capable of the most astonishing acomplishments. "Tony Malaby's Tamarindo Live" is a serious contender for the best jazz album of 2010 – as a metter of fact, for the best jazz album of the last decade. It’s the 200th record in the catalogue of this Portuguese label, a number representing the fulfillment of a dream.

Clean Feed


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