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The Complete After Midnight Sessions (out of stock)
Nat King Cole

Appearing at a time when for the grand public Nat King Cole was more of a singer and entertainer than a Jazz pianist, this album was a reminder of Nat's superlative skills as an instrumentalist. For the remainder of his successful career, which ended with his sudden death in 1965 due to lung cancer, he continued singing more and more, and playing less and less.

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Just One Of Those Things (out of stock)
Nat King Cole

Originally released in 1957, Just One Of Those Things has become a standout title in the Nat King Cole library because the theme is comparable to Frank Sinatra's swing albums of the same time period and employs the same arranger and conductor, Billy May. The reissue of this classic was mixed and mastered by Steve Hoffman from the original three-track session masters.

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